Portable Mini Glass Mushroom Lamp, Butter

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Introducing the our first portable glass mushroom lamp - the cordless embodiment of our iconic glass lighting.

Crafted in a dainty size, it's designed to effortlessly accompany you wherever you roam. Whether you're adding ambiance to your cozy living room or illuminating an outdoor gathering, this lamp is the perfect design-centric mood enhancer.

Powered by high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, the device offers two levels of brightness (100% & 30%), easily adjustable with a touch button dimmer. With its USB Type-C cable, a full charge takes just 4 hours, granting a 12 hours of radiant light at its brightest setting. (Please note: adapter not included.)

Embracing versatility, our lamp boasts an IP44 splash-proof rating, ensuring it's equally at home both indoors and outdoors.

Arriving fully assembled.


Dimensions: H6" x D5"
Weight: 1.5 lbs.


Lamp Shell: Handmade Glass
Lamp Socket: Steel, LED Lighting Stripe, Lithium ion batteries.

Technical Data:

Light Source: 0.5W
Color Temperature: 2,700k Warm White
Dimmable: 2 Level touch dimmer. 100% & 30%.
Power Supply: USB Cable, 3.7V Lithium-ion Battery

Care Guide:

Glass: Use soft damp cloth, with soap or neutral detergent. Please ensure power is turned off before cleaning the mushrooms. Do not use alcohol or other solvents. Do not use any cleaning materials containing harsh chemicals, and avoid using abrasive or rough sponges. 

What's occasion?

Our portable mini mushroom is designed for both indoor & outdoor as an ambiance lighting. 

How bright is this lamp?

Kindly note that the product emits a gentle 0.5W LED glow, ideal for setting a cozy mood rather than providing extensive room lighting. Designed to add ambiance to intimate spaces, it creates a soft, subtle glow perfect for relaxation and creating a warm atmosphere. 

Test & Certifications:

IP44 splash proof, CE 


PDF files available for download soon. Please email us should you need spec sheet. 


Kindly note all our glasses are handmade. Please expect minor pattern difference in each lamp.